Finding the world Super Intellectual Artists


A donation was made to the French Embassy on March 2016

It was certified as a sponsorship product for the May 2016 Ise-Shima Summit

Sales at the Tokyo Food Bar, Narita International Airport First Terminal from August 2016

About us

Mr. Hosono, founder of Mobile Water, was inspired with an idea when he read the 2014 New Year's newspaper.

These days, bottled mineral water has become an essential item to carry around, but 10 years ago it didn't even fit inside a bag.

We should create a PET bottle that is fashionably compact.

To make it easier to carry around, an idea was taken from the shape of a whiskey bottle.

By flattening the sides of the bottle, a canvas was born.

A fusion of object and art.

From that point on, to support handicapped artists, Mobile Water (MW) was created. 。

Thus, the artists are called Super Intellectual Creators.

"Using this MW canvas, I'd like to make the artworks of Super Intellectual Creators from around the world easy to carry around."

With this thought in mind, aside from his own business, Mr. Hosono organized Mobile Water Association.

Using MW, he decided to support the joining of the artworks of Super Intellectual Creators to businesses and organizations.

Teruo Hosono


Kouji Naritsuka

I Care Japan

Yasunori Takahashi


Eriko Yamanashi


Cooperative businesses
Back Office: Jun Motoki Representative at Motoki Personnel Management Office (Social insurance consultant)
Clasp Type: By the cooperation of Kosuke Tanaka, chairman of the board at Pasona Agri-partners Inc.
Putting stickers on bottle caps: Support by School Wakaba High School, an introduction made by Kenji Yokota, president of Yokota Tohoku Inc. - the company's concept is an employment assistance for the mentally handicapped.
Super Intellectual Creator's Network: A foundation to support the independence of persons with disabilities Paralym Art Co.

Our Activities

Finding Super Intellectual Artists

Starting with Japan, we will find Super Intellectual Creators from around the world through the embassies in Japan.

Setting-up a gallery

MOBILE WATER will set-up a gallery using the artworks of Super Intellectual Creators that have been found, and by selling the artworks at an international airport in one's own country, we will organize an arrangement that will lead to a business opportunity.


Through each embassy. MOBILE WATER will donate a portion of their sales profit for artist's materials, supplies, etc.

Original artwork

Not limited to Super Intellectual Creators only, Mobile Water will provide its canvas to support the creation of an original artwork.

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